What would you do, if you found that your ex-friend likes you?

My ex-guyfriend Lewis thinks that I fancy him. I USED to but when the rumour started (I was there, but denied it, obviously) it had been a looong time since I found a new crush.

He keeps looking at me, and when I said hi having clashed hands with him by accident, he stared right at me but didn't say anything! I want to know what sort of thing he'll do...he's never had a girlfriend, I think, and I'm ugly and socially awkward soooooooooo...thankyou ^-^!


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  • First: don't think of yourself as ugly,what I learned in my life is that if you think of yourself as ugly others will too. This has nothing to do with the situation,it was just a random advice since you described yourself as ugly ahahah. As for your problem: I'd advice you to rekind the friendship with him,maybe just starting with the small talks and so on. He probably suspects that you used to like him, when he sees some signs he should feel encouraged enough to make his move. I hope that he takes the hints since he has never had a girlfriend before, or that he doesn't freak out because of social anxiety (or you too). I really wish you the best of luck,I know what it's like to feel ugly or socially awkward, I used to be like this back in high school, I had to work a lot on myself! Good luck girl! If there are news comment my answer,I'd be glad to give you some further advice!


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