I gave up everything for this relationship

I went to college with a guy and we started dating. When he couldn't afford to stay at the university anymore he went back home to Alabama. We continued to date even though I was still in Virginia at school but technically I lived in Pennsylvania. After dating for 2 years long distance and many travels up and down the road to visit him I decided to move out of my parents house and in with his mom, sister and him. About 3 months after I moved in we broke up because I would never be in the house, I would always be out looking for a job in my career field. I am an RN. Finally, when I got a job I was home more often and he wanted to get back together. I continue to live in their house even though we are split up. The problem is if I get back with him I feel a great amount of guilt. His dad is living in Louisiana for work and only comes home like 3 times a year. I felt really bad for his mom. And since me and her son broke up I started becoming sexual with her... Is it just weird? I think I should just break it off with his mom and go back to him I truly do love him but I'm not for sure I really need help with this one. Don't tell me its gross or anything else. I already know what I'm doing isn't exactly the smartest thing to do. So any ideas? I feel guilty to because I'm living there rent free because I'm making his mother happy. Help please...


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  • The damage is done, what you need to ponder is which path from where you stand is the lesser evil. You've put yourself in a situation where people will get hurt regardless of what you do.

  • uhm... honestly all I have to say is that guilt is your own design. guilt should not be a factor in your choice.


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