Getting over my ex!

About 4 months ago I broke up with my ex. About a couple weeks later. I got into another relationship with a girl I had been crushing on for years.

I love my current girlfriend more than anything. She make me feel good, she's literally my everything, I am so thankful to have her as my gf.

Except one thing. I'm still feeling anger, pain, and just venting over my last girlfriend. I just can't get over all the shit she did and what she put me through. I'm so upset how she ruined me in many ways.

My sister always tells this is not normal, and I need therapy!

If anyone is reading this id really like some advice ASAP


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  • If you have unresolved issues with your ex..why are you in a relationship with someone else?


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  • I think you can love you current girlfriend even though you have in unresolved problems with your ex. You just need closure. It had to forgive your ex for what she did and what you need to do is not forgive but forget. Forget about her. She put you through hell and you are in a better place now. Just remember not to make you girlfriend think you are not over your ex. Good luck :)

  • Your not in love with your new GF. Because your not over your ex yet.


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