What happened? Was it me?

Backstory we are both divorced and both have kids.

So I am recently back into dating after a 7 year hiatus. I was hoping for some advice from you folks. I met a woman about 4 months ago. We went on several dates all great, slept together, and the sex was excellent. She told me initially that she wasn't looking for anything to serious which was fine with me but, after the first couple months we agreed to be exclusive (her idea).Then she really came on really strong asked me if I wanted to meet her family, using phrases like "if we are still together in a year wouldn't this be great" ect. I didn't freak out but, played it cool since I wanted to see where things would go. We were texting everyday ect. Then bam a month goes by and she pulls back hard. Stops having time, texts less, the whole nine yards. When I ask her about it she says she is just really busy. After awhile I hadn't seen her in 3 weeks. I talked with her and asked if she was losing interest she insisted that wasn't the case. So I agreed to try and make our schedules work but, we had to try and get together for a date very two weeks. Again she says that's great. Then right before our sat night date she bails. Says she sucks at relationships and just wants to be friends. Lol what happened? Did she just get infatuated and lose interest? Is this related to some kind of baggage issue? Or was it me and I am just clueless? Help a brother out.


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  • Maybe she sensed you weren't totally into it? So she pulled back as a way to not get hurt?

    Or someone else came along?

    It's hard to say.


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  • She sounds like a psycho bitch.

    Asking you to meet her family and then bailing on her own efforts.

    Don't get with psycho bitches my friend, or dwell on things trying to understand them. Hell, they don't even bother to understand themselves.

  • Your baggage plus her baggage is a lot of baggage. She might not be ready for a relationship right now, and just likes being with you when she can. She's got to pick up on the fact you want more and that might be pushing her away.


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