Had a talk with ex, she wants to be friends but I refused. Are my motives right?

She wants to be friends because she feels she can only be open to me, feels super comfortable and can be herself 100% around me etc.

I told her that (what she was describing) it didn't really feel different from our relationship except being free to date others and no physical stuff so I didn't want to because I have feelings for her.

She broke up two months ago after being together for one year. We had communication issues but we've both learned from that (it was our first serious relationship) and we agreed that after having talked a few times the past two weeks we are able to talk normally now.

Personally I don't see a problem if we were to try dating again but friendship is out of the question for now.

So basically I would like very little to no contact at all.

She's coming over tommorow because we had a phone call in which she said it might've been better if I broke up with her earlier (I wanted to but decided to fight instead of running, which wasn't returned in my eyes) and I told her I disagree, she seemed to be surprised by that.
We had a long talk. I told her I like the idea of being friends but it's really tough on me. She looked really sad and in the end we both kinda bursted in tears because she told me she's going to ignore if I call or text because she thinks that's what's best for me. I told her it might be best for both of us and she said: "No, I'll really miss you".

She made it very clear to me that we'll never be together again and I honestly don't get it.


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  • I feel it will NOT work romantically between you guys. You should just be friends, why not? friends a great.. can never have too many ;)!


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  • ok if you want to never get back

  • its your call


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