I've been having dreams about my ex wanting me back?

at first it was not a big deal but then it went on frequently. They say that your dreams composed mostly of hidden desires. I don't know, but I swear to God that I don't. Actually in my dream I always get faced with the dilemma on how to say no Because I don't like being rude to women. I don't think she wants me back, Because the last time I checked she hates me. Which doesn't make sense at that time Because she cheated on me for quite a few times in highschool. When I went to college she was asking for us to get back together, and I tried but she's holding me back. Again found out that he was going out with highschool boy plus her mom is always asking me about her, to look after her.But she's always lying to me and I don't know what to say to her mom. I decided we shouldn't continue, but I actually let her dump me instead. At first I was mad at her, but then after sometime I'm actually glad as I get to meet new people and they're probably the best people I've met, with same interests as I have. I invite her to my bday and special occasions and I don't get invited to her plus when we friends are together and my friends would tease us about our past I just laughed but she gets squirmy and disgusted.


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  • It is just a dream, I would not give it much merit.


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