Can I please get opinions on this?

Been dating him for 7 years. We both have kids but none together. We have never lived together and have no near future plans of it (because his bum mooching mom is living off him) He wears name brand ralph lauren clothes and I have one walmart sweater I wear for winter because all my money goes on basic needs. He pays my cable bill but only because he wants all the sports stuff and I told him I can't afford and extra bill. He also is paying on a bedroom suit for me. Other than that he does nothing to help me. His daughter was with him and they spent the weekend at my place because our daughters are the same age. While they were here, my daughter told me she wants an ipad air for Christmas then his daughter started saying she wants one. He went out and bought one for his daughter and said he is keeping it at his house for her. He never once mentioned they could share it or anything like that. My kids all have the same dad and he is in prison for 20 years. I have no family and no help other than my job. His daughter is an only child and gets everything she wants from her mom and dad and grandparents. I know this has nothing to do with it but I still feel some type of way about it. But what just really pissed me off is I had to throw away everything I own due to a friend giving me bedbugs. I had to move and everything back in June. I still have no livingroom furniture or a kitchen table or chairs and I just had to start renting a washing machiene because mine went out. He just had the nerve to ask me if I would loan him $2,500 when I get my income taxes. I really think I need to tell him to kick rocks fast. He knows half the time I barely have gas money.


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  • "Is he a loser and a user?"

    "He pays my cable bill..."

    "He also is paying on a bedroom suit for me."

    "He gives me gas money if I let him use my car."


  • 7 years you put up with it .


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