Who also has unwanted fantasies about their ex?

For the last couples of months I've been having unwanted fantasies about my.ex. This been going on sometimes. Lately he been hanging around in my neighborhood and he been trying to get my attention but I just ignore it. The only reason we split because sold drugs and didn't want to get caught in that kind of life.

My current relationship is already on the rocks due to the fact he like to flirt with every female he comes in contact with. He has been real secretive lately. Then had the nerves to aak me for $300 so he can get toys for.his kids for xmas. I'm sorry that I had to be the grinch and be selfish but I told him that I'm not financially supporting him and I'm not doing this if he's using me for money. I want to buy my neices and nephews something for Xmas and I cant. I'm pretty sure he is mad. So what. I rather be alone. Advice please


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  • Oh boy.

    Okay so I'm sure all of us ladies have had fantasies of ex's (WELL OF COURSE), friends, anyone or anything that makes us feel those feelings we love oh so much. Even if it's weird. Especially if we're lonely. So that's perfectly normal and might pass eventually(if you want them to). And good for you, do not get involved with the drug life.

    Now for your current relationship, that sounds like an all around mess and it sounds like neither of you are happy. If he's super flirtatious and you seem to be wondering if he's cheating on you, and then on top of that he's asking YOU for money to buy stuff for HIS kids(I'm assuming they're not even your kids which sounds like a lot of drama), then I don't even see why you're with this person. You don't sound happy, you have no intention of it getting serious (financially supporting him), and you clearly have stated that you'd rather be alone. So why don't you end it? There's no need to put yourself through an unhealthy relationship.


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