Ex girlfriend is apologizing, saying she loves/misses me, & wants to meet up? I'm skeptical.

Hi everyone ;) I'm going to try to make this as short & detailed as possible.

Me & my ex had a crush on each other back in High School, stayed in contact, & ended up getting together about 6 years later for 7 months; Me & her just had an ugly break up about a week ago & she said she still wanted to be friends.. I accepted & "abandoned ship".

The relationship was an emotional rollercoaster, always on & off with all these highs & lows.. The times together were very romantic, comfortable, passionate, & had a lot of fun but the times we were apart was just so depressing/mind boggling for me.

She never respected or took my opinion into consideration & would go out doing whatever she wanted knowing I had problems with the way she went on with her actions, lying about her intentions, getting intoxicated, hanging out with people I didn't like/trust around her, going MIA, etc.

NOWW she's emailing me saying the break up was her fault (She blamed me for the break up @ first.), & is apologizing for treating me the way she did wishing she could've done better.

She's telling me she loves me/misses me, she feels "dead", talking about moving out of town & wants to meet up for closure (This isn't the first time she's done this with me by the way shortly before getting back together.).

Over our time apart I realized we took the relationship WAAAYYY too fast (Talking about raising kids together, moving in with me, saying "I Love You.", etc.) & I was never actually IN LOVE with her.. I was just highly attracted to/infatuated with her & should've slowed down.

After getting to know the girl & see the intentions/activities/people she'd involve herself with I came to never being able to trust or believe what her or her friends would tell me what was going on.

I mean I still have feelings for her & miss the good times we spent together too.. I'm just trying to get over everything before we reconnect again so I can reconstruct from the damage that's been done & get through all these different emotions/stages.

I know my intentions & decisions are completely up to me, I'm just kind of seeking an opinion on what HER intentions might be.

Ex girlfriend is apologizing, saying she loves/misses me, & wants to meet up? I'm skeptical.
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