GAG, when was it when you finally decided to let go of someone and move on? after trying or what?

do you believe that when you are done trying is when you should let go ? what happened in your story


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  • No, I truly believe that you should let go before it you get to the point of trying. I think the biggest mistake we make is not properly assessing the signs at the beginning of the dating process. I think as humans we want love so much that we will ignore noticeable signs that alert us to disaster even when they stare us in the face. Then people complicate it by having sex or trying to" make it work" when it was doomed from the start. I have made it a goal to be more discerning when it comes to who I date. I have also made it a goal to remain male free until I am ready to date and I feel that I know myself completely. I also look to the bibles values when it comes to things I want in a potential mate.

    So basically let go before you are in so deep that it is too hard to let go and both parties involved suffer.


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