How to get my girl back?

Ok first I am 17. She is 15. I really love her and we have been together for about 2 months(I know it isn't that long) but we were having the best times. She is not the kind of girl to show her love or emotions. and she is very independant. So yesterday she broke up and kept saying that's it's not that she doesn't love me, it's because she wasn't happy in a relationship. and that she want's to be more independant. I really love this girl and want to know how to get her back. oh and I am really dependent

P.S if you want more info just ask


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  • She wants to be alone

    Give her space


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  • What Jamie said is right, you can't force someone to get back into a relationship with you. And honestly, you shouldn't be getting into a relationship if you are dependent on her. You need to be independent too. Also, if she broke up with you, she probably doesn't want to be with you, so let her go and save yourself some heartache.

  • Well, the only thing I can suggest is to go back to the drawing board and start all over again. But if she doesn't want a relationship then don't force her...


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