Do you think getting back with an ex is ever a good idea? Opinions welcome please!

Say you break up with someone for whatever reason (too clingy/controlling/possessive) but you then begin to miss that person A LOT and realize you actually miss them, can you really work things out with them?

Even if it ends up just turning into a casual sex relationship, can you eveer successfully get back together with your ex?


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  • hmm I don't know but I'm getting back with my ex.. if it does not work then break up again lol. as they said love is sweeter the second time around haha. I don't think he would mess up again, I'm very confident on that. I also want to take the relationship to the next level. I know I'd be a good wife then 3-5 years after be a good mom! ^-^ the decision to get married rely solely on me :).


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  • no I wouldn't, the moment a relationship ended it should remain that is definitely incompatibility that drives us apart so there is no possibility to go through the same pain again


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