Ex girlfriend has become irritating?

She broke up with me 3 weeks ago with the excuse "I'm not ready for a relationship yet" ... she asked me for time and space and I gave her that. I haven't contacted or even spoken to her properly in 3 weeks (no contact).

Anyway I've caught her looking at me often, so have my friends. Any time I laugh or just speak with anyone she will look at me.

For example last night will my friends and I (ex was there too) were drinking in the kitchen she would look at me ever 20-30 seconds. Even then she would be trying hard to make me jealous.

Later on last night she tried to make jealous again by holding my ex-friend's hand and walking off with him ...

I do want her back, but I don't know if she does.


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  • She either wants you back or can't cope with you moving on so well. It could be that she wants you to want her back, just to feel wanted. Maybe she's having a hard time getting over you and is jealous that you make it seem so easy to get over her. I don't know what option it is, so maybe you could ask a mutual friend?

    • Thing is I've had these 3 weeks No Contact to get over her, which I haven't done yet. I'm still hurt that she cut off the relationship so randomly.

      Another thing that mystifies me is why she wouldn't want to go to this film event. I didn't want to go at first because she would be there ... however, with a little convincing from my friends, I chose to go. They day after I said I was going my ex suddenly backed out and isn't going ...

      I don't know if this adds to her maybe wanting me back

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    • Can't see your answer :P

    • It's because I haven't answered yet... Again: just contact her and ask to meet up and talk so you can sort things out.

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  • if she doesn't want you back, she wouldn't be trying to make you jealous or looking at you constantly. if she doesn't want a relationship I don't know why she would walk off with someone you know. Give it time and if she wants one, then good for you but I wouldn't be hopeful. Maybe it was her way of saying that she doesn't want a relationship with you.

  • Maybe its her that's not ready for a relationship and you should break it off with her and find someone else...

    • That's what she told me after breaking up with me and telling me to give her space - which I did.

      But there are a lot of signs pointing to her wanting me back - a lot.

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