What is your most embarrassing moment with your ex or current bf/gf?

I would not say it was embarrassing to me, but my girlfriend was cherry red as was my mom. Well, nothing incestual here so do not jump the boat so fast! My girlfriend and I were having sex. Nice semi cold fall morning, no one was home, so I thought, anyways my mom has a bad habit of opening doors, and she cracked the door and ended up walking away real fast. My girlfriend just about jumped through the window. I was still bare, and ended up having to close the door. To this day she does not open the door without knocking. I was laughing so hard though, she gave me the stink eye when I walked out half naked (waist up).


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  • This was with my ex. One time I had to pee really bad and couldn't find a restroom, so I jumped on the back of his car with a plastic cup and some napkins and pee'd there. Not to mention I was on my period and it kinda started smelling like period a little :-(

  • I farted during sex :(


    • My friends dad farted in the car, locked the doors and turned the heater all the way up. That was horrible :/

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