Advice quick please it's a matter of my family?

My boyfriend that I have been off and on with for twelve years we have a ten year old son together we were split up two years he had a daughter with another girl married her and within give months he left her started saying another girl got in some trouble and went to jail we started talking after he write a few letters and he's been out there months now we don't live together just stay together on weekends things have been good til this past month stress of holidays gifts for kids bills money work and family have had it's time between us but this week we both have been fighting the flu and it's been a rough week for us so after a rough say at work I arrive at his house he tells me his wife/ex called asked for some money which he said he didn't have said they talked a min kids are good and that was it but he was acting distant and with me already having a hard say with my mental mother I was having emotion issues so he said I had an additive we had a exchange of words then after a cool off decided to go out with friends for some drinks he acted distant the whole time he's talk to me but wouldn't touch me kiss me just told me he wanted to be left alone then I just broke cried alittle in bathroom he said if I was going with him come on when I got out he didn't speak the whole way home then he say in truck listening to music I asked if he wanted to talk what was bothering him was it to do with the phone call or what he said no just wanted to be left alone so I said OK went inside got ready for bed he came in twenty min later didn't say much crawled in bed back turned to me so I told him I loved him goodnight he said the same to me I asked if he wanted to watch a movie together he said no he felt like he couldn't breath he was going to bed I said OK a few min later he was asleep and here I am lost in thought on what to say or do


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  • You are split up. Now he is coming back into your life, after starting another family, in which he is running away from? That is what I understood from all this. You may love him, but he isn't being a responsible person right now. He needs to resolve his issues and figure out what he is going to do. You need to focus on your child(ern). It is bad business to split up then get back together, then split up again.


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  • Sounds like a mess. No resolution. Its already done. Your life will always be like that.


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  • you need to stop seeing things the way you wish they was and look at how things really are .. THIS guy and you have been off and on for TWELEVE years .. TWELVE YEARS.. he got you preg and you have a son with him . he NEVER married you out of TWELVE YEARS .. yet he gets with another girl gets her preg and married her then left her .. now where is he at .. he came back to good ol you again . I don't care if he is your childs father or not .. he can be that and should be that but as for a relationship with this guy I don't no why the hell you would want one with him .. he is only out for his self and his actions have spoken that very clearly .. you have wasted freaking TWELEVE YEARS of your life on and off with this guy and look what he has done . he gets in trouble he runs from one relationship to the next and always comes back to you because he knows you will take him back . you don't deserve this at all . I think your prob with this guy is way more then just this argument that you two had ... if I was you I wouldn't let this man run in and out your life like that . he can be a father to his son without you being with him . do not let a man treat you like that . this man is going to run in and out your life from now on .. he didn't marry you in all that time .. EVEN if he did marry you know look at what he has done in the past ... he will end up leaving you just like before or it won't work out . go find someone who treats you better please .. you deserve it .. even If you feel like you love him .. love your self and your son more


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