Is this guy just being a dick? Or does he actually like me? Help please

Over a year ago Darren and I met. Straight away I knew he liked me. Eventually we got talking and first started seeing eachother on 1st June 2012. He actually had to have a beer to calm his nerves before meeting me.

All we did was snuggle on his bed and watch a film, we shared our first kiss on that night. We saw each other consistently for 30 days straight. The 30th day was the last time I ever saw him though. We were RACING into things head first and he was JUST out of a long-term relationship...naturally he freaked out. Even his mum said we were going way too fast.

We never had sex, I'm a virgin, and he felt he couldn't make my first time special for me. He was under pressure about that and was used to having sex regularly. Along with being confused he said we shouldn't see each other anymore and told me he'd later regret it. I was so upset, I really liked this guy.

Anyway things only got sourer between us and he was in a mess. We both said things we shouldn't have and as a result both got hurt. He started casually having sex with his ex and other girls in between that - went off the rails. It broke me to see this. I had to delete him from my life Facebook - everything.

Even now when I see him (usually out locally at the bar) I always catch him sneaking glances at me. We don't talk, but if we're across the bar from each other, we hold our gazes without smiling, just staring. Even if he's speaking to another girl, I catch him looking at me at times, but not smiling.

He tapped me on the shoulder when he saw me out locally about 2 weeks ago. He said 'Hi' but the minute I asked how he was he froze up and looked confused/nervous. I walked away though because I find it difficult to be around him.

Darren also warned his friend off me (who took an interest in me) and told him it would be too awkward if we ever got together. Which I don't get, because Darren ended it with me int he first place.

I sometimes think he maybe has feelings for me, and although he hurt me...I miss him as a friend at times. We could have had something great going on. Maybe I'm deluding myself though.

What do you think of this?


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  • At the time you would have been a rebound


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