Does she like him, or scared of him?

Theirs this guy in work who is very loud and brash, not afraid to speak his mind, can be quite crude in what he says. A woman in work (she's quite shy in general) seems very quiet when he is around, almost comes across scared of him. Although he is loud, he is funny.(she laughs at his jokes, as do others) He has commented in the past to her (I think it was a joke) about 'no need to shout!' when she was calling for someone, do you think this could of knocked her? The other day he asked her something work related, she answered in a sort of surprised abrupt tone just 'what!?', maybe she was taken back, just kind of weird the way she was. At the time I thought it was an aggressive 'what?' tone. she will never initiate conversation, but I think she is quiet shy in certain situations. She seems almost scared when he is around, almost nervous as to what is he is going to say next. In the past he has commented about another guy and her getting together, maybe this has embarrassed her?

So yeah do you think she may be quiet because she likes him, or she is maybe intimidated by him?


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  • Maybe both, kinda sounds like me at school but I actually became friends with the guy. I wouldn't say I like him more than a friend though

  • she's not interested


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