Emotional problem with one girl - serious problem (please help)?

Here's the thing. I've been dating this girl for three weeks now. We are holding hands, hugging, kissing, making out etc. This is not a secret relationship, we are doing this in public. We enjoy spending time together but the problem is her 'ex' who had an car accident and is in hospital for 5 months now. All he can do is say yes or no, that's all. Doctors have said he will probably never recover.

My problem is that everything looks like me and this girl are a couple but her mind is sometimes causing troubles. She said to me that she would like to move on but is afraid of what others will think, she said she doesn't know whether she is ready to move on and things.. last thing is actually not logical because she has already made some steps ahead. She also said she doesn't want to get hurt again to which I said: "for what? I told you I won't leave and will beside you all the time. I would already leave you by now if there was a chance for this."

For example we were in cinema last time and had a great time together, then after coming out her mind went crazy. She started crying, telling me how much she likes me and blabla and that she doesn't know and then she just started running... I said to hear don't you see like we are couples and she replied with yeah but I'm so confused.. She said can't fully open yet because she still likes him too and she has a feeling like she is cheating on both of us lol. Well this might be true that she still likes him somehow but If she started something with me then she obviously is somehow ready to move on. She is visiting him once a week but I don't bother with this. She told me once that she feels obligated to do this.

Can you please give me some advice how to proceed this in future? Don't tell me to screw her, I won't do this. Would it be a good idea to talk to someone here? like her friends? parents?

When she doesn't think about this she is perfect, when she does then...


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  • Take it slow maybe she sees you as rebound esp if she started talking to you after he had the accident

  • just go slow...she is still emotionally tied to the ex in many ways and needs time to accept what happened to him. 5 months is not long and she could be looking for the comfort he gave her in you. she doesn't want to be lonely especially if he can't respond well..


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