I need to forget about him and move on but how?

my ex broke up with me three weeks ago and we have been together for a year. He wasn't that caring but I loved him so much..at first I was okay reading books, hanging out with friends, focusing in studies and hobbbies...This week (3rd) I kept remembering our moments together and feeling miserable and unwanted..I need those memories to vanish from my mind, but how?

ps: I deleted him from Facebook as well as his number and everything


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  • After a break up, memories of the relationship will come up and can give you a feeling of misery knowing that those days are over. You really can't get the person out of your mind for a while. Sometimes it really hits you a few weeks later and seems like it will never end. Having outlets

    to your frustration like, talking with friends, writing your thoughts down in a journal, writing on GAG, or the things you mentioned in your question above can help alleviate some of the pain. But honestly, there is no real solution to the pain except time. I know people say this and you know this too, its just the time between now and then that really sucks. Set goals in your life and work toward them everyday, even if its just something little you can do to work toward that goal. As the days go by you will think of the breakup less and less and the pain will start to lessen. One day you'll lay down for bed at night and realize you made it through the day with out thinking about him or the relationship. I wish I had better advice for you, but having been through a couple of bad breakups myself, all I can say is stay focused on improving yourself, keep finding new ways to express your pain through writing or other outlets, and be patient with yourself. Just know you are an awesome person, and soon the tremendous pain you feel now will disappear.


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