What is going on with this boy darnit?

Ok yeah I'm 18 he's 16 it's not statutory

We've been friends for 4 months started dating after 3 month we spent almost all our time together and he started liking me but I was confused. Then we got into an argument I've dumped him twice and came back and I said I'm done and I won't do out again which I mean.

He said he wanted to wait on sex I said okay. We went on a date everything seemedc great but now he's back at school and we can only text and he started texting less and then today he banters on about how he's worried about homework and then he says he's going to be grounded Christmas but I can still visit but if I want breakup it's okay

I said it's fine but asked do you still like me even? Cause I don't want to be strung along if you don't even though I still like you.

He said he still liked me and wanted to be with me and I said well I still want to be with you

He said it was a relief but went back to not talking much. I know he's having a rough time with school but he's also on face book too on a game group.

Does he want to break up but not admit it or what?


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  • I think he has lost interest in you, Maybe you should consider dumping him for good unless he Continues the relationship the way you want him to

  • I feel bad for the boy.


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