Does he like me? please help.

- So I like a guy in my class I really do sometimes I think I am in love because he is always there we speak a lot and when we do he always looks me in the eyes,we also hugged once he always says that I am the best girl but he also teases me a lot once I wasn't in school and he asked for me and my bff said to him do you want to be with her together but the answer was like this: I like her as a friend she is nice has a good heart etc but she said he can't say it just like OK do it so I need your help please tell me if he likes me back because I'm hopeless


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  • And he's definitely likes you if he is single ...


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  • Hey there is nofin hard ! Hold his hand and say ' I like you Sam ,all the time I think about you . I think I'm in love with you ' ... And then give him a beautiful snog .hes not gonna deny you .this is my guaranty,I know what men expect because I'm a men ...

    • Thanks but he is my friend and I am afraid of losing him

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  • I have a guy who does the EXACT same thing. He seems like he likes you but acts like he doesn't. I think he is still figuring things out. He probably likes you but needs to think about how the relationship would be. Here is a suggestion, one time I made an act with my friend in front of my crush. She said "omg your boyfriend is so hot" I told her " yea, he's a great guy" and my crush flipped out. I told him I was joking and he instantly became relaxed. If you'd like you could try my trick ;)

    • It is different when he ask if I have a boyfriend I say no and he says to me I know some great guys just pick one I would arrange a date for you it is really strange I think I am in the friend friendzone

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    • I knowband that's why I hate him so much now for the moment we got in to a fight today I I told him to never speak to me again its a better way so I can forget him!

    • Wish I could do that

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