How to proceed with girl during winter break?

One of my friends recently told me that he thought this girl in one of our classes might have a crush on me. I honestly am sometimes oblivious to these things, but after he said that I did notice that she went out of her way often to talk to me specifically.

The problem is that I didn't realize this until the end of the semester. I sent her a Facebook message the other day asking a question about our class and we've been chatting off and on since then. But now with winter break starting, I won't see her for about a month.

I feel like Facebook is a lame way to try and get a girl but I don't have her number so there's no other way for me to keep talking to her. I'm thinking I should just say something like "have a good break" and then wait to see if she initiates another conversation or just wait until the new semester. Any advice is appreciated.


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  • Nope, it's your job to initiate the conversation because if she's been showing signs that she likes you in class, then she feels like now that you guys are talking on fb it's your turn to initiate things. Girls like it when guys take initiative, so I say ask for her number through Facebook and text her this:

    "Hey... so just wanted to say I hope you have a great break and we should hang out next semester"

    This will not only make her extremely excited for next semester, but will also be a way to keep the flame alive while you guys are off doing your own thing for break.

    Just don't make the mistake of texting/fb messaging her over the entire break because you should get to know her in person. The only way to keep things exciting is by letting her know you want to hang out, but keep the convo short over IM/txt.

    Hope this helped, and if you get the chance please answer my question? Thanks! :)



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  • send her message on FB

  • ask to hangout during winter break


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