Why are girls so stupid?

im trying to let a friend kno that the guy she's with (my ex) is only using her and all that bs. and that he's a player and don't really love her. well she's too stupid to see what kind of person he is and see what he's really trying to do to her, like he did me, like yesterday, he proposed to her. like he did me back in may,and they have only been together for a month, and theyre already having sex. within a month?! stupid huh? ... anyways, I'm telling her this as a friend. and she won't believe me. so I'm gonna set back and watch her heart get broke just like I told her will happen. I give them another month.
plus now I fpund out she was 3wks pregnant with "his kid"when theyve only been together at that time for a week. ... that sounds like a set up to me


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  • Some people have to experience things themselves in order to learn.

    "You can lead a horse to the water but you can't make him drink".

    You did the best you could do.

    You warned her.

    Now she has to realize and see those things for herself.

    She's too blinded by love to see that now but she will in due time.


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  • I would like to be that guy... Girls are attracted to players from natural pre-selection. like he got you and she's the next one and he doesn't give a fuck. sometimes I'm the guy that covers girls problems with those guys aftef break up. then girls get broken. and I can have that shit. girls who drink alcohol and do drugs cause their ex and a guy who does not only think about get laid with each girl in the world has a hard time looking for zhe right girl

  • Never try to confuse women with logic and facts.

    They'll only only resent you for it.


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  • she needs to make her own mistakes. that's how shell learn, if she just listens to you arbitrarily , se won't be thinking for herself and that won't get her far in life. to learn something you really need to go through it. shell sort out what is right for her through _hr_ experiences. not through yours.

    dont say I told you so if/ when it doesn't work. don't judge her. shehad an experience and went through it, and is now a bit wiser...just be a friend.

  • She is probably not stupid, just young and inexperienced. This is one lesson she will have to learn the hard way. Instead of being mad at her just be ready to be her shoulder to cry on when it does happen. Just don't tell her "I told you so", she will already know this and does not need to hear it.

  • The ones you meet are

  • Sometimes, you just have to let friends fall and learn from what happened. Hopefully, you really are trying to protect her and it's not out of jealousy (we all do it once)... if you truly feel like he is going to hurt her, sit back and just be there for her. It doesn't help to turn blue in the face, but being there for her in case she falls flat on her ass will help.


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