Is my ex boyfriend my friend only because I was his first?

We were 17 back then and while he wasn't my first, I was to him.

Then during our freshman year in college we broke up and obviously went on separate ways but he still wanted to at least remain friends with me.

Now we're both 23 and have been in other relationships. I learn he's supposedly the type of guy that believes exes are exes and goes NC with all of them. But I'm only one that he keeps in touch with sometimes. He has me on his Facebook.

My friends think that's his reason of being friend with me and not with any other girlfriend he breaks up with.
He's the only virgin guy I ever had. But don't think I can do it anymore. I don't want him to then forever get attached to me. I already forgot my first long ago.


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  • I wish my girlfriend could also forget her first so easily and stop pissing me off about that jerk.


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  • Most people get clingy..


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