Why does exes want to get back together with you again?

Why does exes want to get back together with you again? I'm talking from a woman's point of view. Or for whatever reason you talking to a guy, it ends up them flirting with you.

Yes me and my ex had something good, never fought, never had words, he always respected me and never have forced me to do anything, yet we broke up cos he was going through some stuff, which he pushed me away to actually be there for him. So that is how it ended. Its almost 3years now that we're not a couple anymore, yet he CLAIMS he still loves me and wants to get back with me. Although I miss that respectable feeling of being carried on a silver platter, but there is a reason for breaking up with exes? Why can't they get over you! I make it difficult for myself actually, cos I have someone that I am seeing for 2years now. Why do they just think that they can chime into your life and think that you will take them back, no matter how good or bad it was, I believe there was a reason for our break up.


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  • Maybe he's feeling lonely


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