What went wrong and how do I get him back?

So when we were dating my ex told me he was inlove with me 2 days later he dumped me saying our relationship isn't the same as it used to b because he changed. Now I want to know what went wrong and how do I get him back. I tried texting him he won't respond. :( Also if your going to tell me it's over and I can't get him back just don't answer at all please.


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  • hi :) I have been in the same boat. He left 3 weeks ago although he knew I needed him. Anyway, I also started asking questions on GAG how to get him love me again.

    I got sbswers like ignore him..never call him or show that you are depressed and that all made sense; DON'T chase him, make him chase you. Others told me to move on ( we had been together for a year and he was my first I can't) but really he is the one who broke up with you, and that obviously shows that he don't want to be with you anymore :') so you must show him that I am totally okay about this break up and I don't want you either.

    But honestly, I'm 17 and you are also under 18 I totally understand you because I still want to be with him but I have chosen to move on because I deserve better..and so u. I decided to unfriend him from Facebook I can't handle being unwanted so I wanted to make him feel unwanted too.

    let's think about plan B, if you couldn't get him back, you may lose your dignity IS that what you want?! so don't act miserable and live and hangout with friends and move on :). don't be sad that I've told you what you don't want to hear but I'm giving you all possibilities ;)


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