What's wrong with my ex girlfriend?

Hey guys I need help we broke up 2 months ago. We been together for 2 years.

she told me this:

"I'm sorry I'm doing this to you but I feel like I don't wanna go on anymore, I wish I can change things but I can't.. I wanted to be by my own no relations. You deserve better who's gonna give all you need.. You made me happy and you are great! It's not you, It's me. I will always be here if you need me. You will always be part of my heart"

So when she said that I didn't respond and leave the hell out of her alone. No Begging, No Pleading.. I Just disappeared and didn't contact her anymore.

then after 3 weeks she just keeps on contacting me asking How I am, How is my work, greeted me last thanksgiving..

I ignored them then she messaged me again last week and I replied this time.

I said :

"Thanks for the messages I am really busy. I find it a bit odd you contacting.. anything you need?"

She said:

"I just wanted to keep in touch with you so I was just asking how you've been. If you don't wanna try to be friends then I misunderstood and apologyze for texting"

I said:

"Sorry but I think there is no point for us to be friends as of this point. We are both trying to move on with our lives as single and we both need time and space away from each other to achieve that. Maybe someday when the right time comes we can start over again as friends and who knows maybe get back together. Hope you understand."

She said:

"I understand. I'll wait that day to come so we can talk again! And if it never comes then. I hope for you all the best and I wish you a great life. still I'll wait for your text or call whenever u'll be ready to talk to me again.. Take care"

What is wrong with this woman? What does she want from me?

Does she expect that we gonna be buddies after we broke up? Isn't that just selfish.

Guys what you think does she want me back or just wanted to string me along?


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  • You were together for two years...hmmm...man that could be taken so many ways. I can relate to her in some ways. I have passed on potentially great men who really loved me because I just wasn't ready for real commitment. But at the same time I didn't date them for two years! I didn't date them at all and I am still a virgin so there are some differences there. I wonder what age is this woman you are talking about? That could explain more. Way I see it

    1. She could miss your friendship. She may not want to be with you romantically, but she still wants you in her life because you are familiar. A break up can shake up your world like an earthquake. Relationships with people in general provide stability. Yes, it was her choice but she is still human.

    2. She is finding herself. She is unsure of herself and what she wants out of life. That could come when a girl starts to mature into a woman.

    3. There is something about you that she is unsure of. Maybe something she saw in someone else showed her something different. How did you treat her? Did you become complacent? Did you forget that she is a precious vessel who requires love, attention, care and kindness? That may be why she is contacting you...to see if you care.

    4. She is a loser and she thought that you wouldn't be able to resist her? Is she a physically attractive woman? I'm not talking about the eye of the beholder attractive...I mean every guy would say she was pretty? If so then the fact that you are ignoring her is KILLER and its making her crazy...LOL

    I think if she wants you as in a "romantic relationship" she would have told you. She probably just wants to string you along. Hope you can stand firm. You are making the right decision. You have to protect your heart.

    • She is 27 years old. I did treat her great I showed her that I really do love her..

      yes every guy would say she is pretty she did some modeling before..

      I also think that she is confused with us cause way before the break up she acts weird and sometimes acts like she really loves me.. so it's really just weird and I don't understand her intentions.

      She is probably confused and doesn't know what she wants..

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What Girls Said 2

  • Ok in order of your questions -she probably feels bad -to make her feel better about the breakup which is not your problem -yes apparently -not necessarily, she may be friends with other exes, doesn't mean you have to be though -see answers one and 2

    You've been clear, forget it and move on :)

  • i don't think she wants you back to be her boyfriend (otherwise she would have said so) but she wants you back in her life.

    so she can use a shoulder when she wants to cry, an ear when she needs to vent, an electrician when her light bulb blows etc. etc. and eventually a friend she will invite on her wedding with another man.

    • I know right.. that really hurts that's why I'm cutting her off now in my life..

What Guys Said 2

  • A lot of women do not know what they want. So after something is removed which she really didn't expect "hence the don't beg comment" she was in a state of "OH CRAP WHAT DID I DO" she wanted you to play the game. You did what you should have.

    She played a game with your emotions because of whatever her selfish reasoning was . She really did not want it to be over , OVER !

    But us guys use reason and logic. She didn't seem to do that.

    String you along? NO

    Want's you back? YES

    You obviously do know that guys and girls cannot be friends after a break up, right?

    So here you are confused and standing your ground. Sorry for the confusion but good for you for not allowing that craziness to continue. I hope you stay strong. With someone as undeceive like she is . She would have no problem pushing you away when she starts thinking again.

    • I think you are under the assumption that the decision to breakup with him was easy for her, which is unfair assessment. I'm not saying that it wasn't, but the facts in the matter eludes us both to conclude such an allegation. The fact is, at least for most, it easier to breakup with someone that care for but no longer see a future with than it is to suddenly cut off all contact with someone that has been a fixture in your day-to day for years whom you are emotionally attached.

    • Perhaps her emotions(nostalgia) and genuine concern for him prompted her to want to reach out to him. Simply put, the relationship ended, but her feelings, although presently unromantic, has not. Why do many assume that people invariably leave relationships for selfish reasons when they are only doing what is there best interest? Entering a relationship equates to selflessness while leaving one equates to selfishness is simmply nonsensical. But, maybe I'm the delusional one.

  • Couldn't it be just what she said?


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