How do I make a move if we've never actually met?

There's this guy I friended online, because I saw we go to the same university and I recognized him, and I assumed we'd met. When he accepted me I messaged him asking what class we'd had together and how he was and he replied "that he didn't think we'd had a class together?, haha".and I just said oh okay, sorry I am obviously totally crazy" and he didn't respond but he didn't unfriend me either.

It's been a few months, and I actually think he is pretty freaking cute and would like to get to know him. BUT since we've actually never met, I don't want to message him seeming all freaky since I've already done that. What can I message him that sounds normal? That I finally figured out who he reminded me of? But that sounds totally weird too, and if god forbid I ran into him at school afterwords and he thought I was creepy I wouldn't know what to do. I've 'liked' a few of his pics he's posted since then.


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  • Ask for his number


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