Does she want me to make a move?

Got this girl in my college's number, fast forward around a month or so and we are starting to hang out more outside of class. (before we hung out we talked on Skype and played games online)

Three days ago she came over for around 10 or so hours. I never made a move because, more or less, I chickened out. Yesterday she came back over and basically repeated the same thing. I'm not used to making moves and girls, and definitely not when I'm not absolutely sure she wants me to.

While we sat right next together on my couch she made comments like I'm cold, which I know is the sign for I want to cuddle but I stupidly offered her a blanket. She has also texted me drunk before saying, "I wish you were here, it would be so much fun"

I think its also important that she told me she wanted to get on the good side of my parents and is trying to impress my friends. Saying that she wanted them to like her. Which makes me think she cares about how people related to me think about her.

I'm most likely going to be having her back over this upcoming Sunday, I'm almost positive she wants me to make a move, but what do you think? I pretty sure its just a nerves thing, but I just want to double check.

Thanks in advance.


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  • Dude she is so into you!

    When she is sitting on the couch, regardless of whether or not she is cold, try putting your arm around her. There's a good chance once you have your arm around her she'll snuggle up closer and before you know it things will work out naturally for the evening.

    • That obvious huh? lol All right I'll make a move Sunday thanks. I'm just really shy usually.

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  • Dear god.

    Chances are she gave you her number to go on a date with you...

    Hurry up and do something before she looses interest!

  • If you're that awkward ask her on a proper date to dinner or something. If she says yes that's your answer

  • Make the move!

  • UH YEAH!


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