I need help with my ex.

My ex and I have gotten close again and she has a 2 year old son a few days ago I asked her back out she said yes but since then she's barley said more then a hand full of words to me a day and every time I tell her I love her nothing I don't know what's wrong. Did I not wait long enough since she just recently got out of a relationship did I wait to long to ask her back out since were both 20 and when we broke up we were 13 I have no clue but I love her more now then I did then that much I do know
well this cleared its self up as it turns out she was dating a druged out loser the whole time I just got played


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  • Alright that's your ex and she has a kid not by you but by some other guy meaning she could have some emotional issues opening up to you or coming close again just don't force things let her take the lead she will let you know how she is.feeling just be a friend first to.help her learn how to trust again and do and say things to show her that your different from the rest or simply remind her she needs you just take it one.day at a time you guys.were broken up for awhile and things are different on her end so start fresh not where you left off at when.you were 13


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  • I think a lot of people make the mistake of picking up where they left off once they get back together with an ex.

    You broke up seven years ago! You are a very different person than you were at 13.

    You should start this relationship as if it were a new one... Stop telling her you love her. She is not the same person she was at 13, especially since she's a mother now. Ease yourself back into it or you'll spook her.

  • She needs some space


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