First contact after a relationship break- advice about what to say!

My boyfriend and I have been on a break for three weeks and are meeting up for the first time in two weeks to talk about whether we should stay together or break up. We texted a little during the break but not much (as we needed time to think).

Our break was more due to the current situation at hand rather than the relationship itself. There was a high level of stress in my life and I was pushing him away by picking little fights with him and venting my stress out on him. This made him take a step back. We agreed not to see other people during this break, and I know that wasn't the reason why he initiated taking space apart.

The thing is, I'm not normally like that and the other 3 years of our relationship has been great. The stressful situation has subsided and I can finally breathe again and be myself. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see how this affected my relationship and how I was treating my boyfriend at the time but now have clarity of the situation.

I really do love this boy and want to make it work. How should I approach the conversation when I see him? I feel like the decision is ultimately in his hands and I will respect his decision if he chooses to let me go (because I don't want to sound pathetic and beg him to take me back). How can I tell him/show him that I believe we can move forward from this situation? Any advice would be truly appreciated!


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  • Take it slow and don't rush into it


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