How to not get mad when your ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend?

Im not jealous of the girl, I'm more jealous of my ex-boyfriend that he got into a new relationship. He broke up with me, but I should have broken up with him way way way sooner. I think I just liked the fact of a having a boyfriend and I think I still do, which I need to work on. I'm actually kinda shocked that he got a new girlfriend because I thought that I would get into a relationship sooner than he would because I feel like I was stupid even dating him to begin with, like he's not that good looking, he's kinda dumb, and he could be weird sometimes. But thinking about it now maybe he's kinda a player. He doesn't seem like the type to be, but I feel like he might have asked girls out all the time before me and just didn't really find one that he wanted to be with. ( I was his first girlfriend) Maybe he just really really wants a girlfriend so he always asks girls out all the time and tries to find the one. I know when I was with him he would sometimes comment on girls pictures on Facebook and it annoyed me, so I'm thinking he's kinda like a flirt and a player. I'm just saying to myself to the girl why just why are you with him. I'm just pissed that he got a girlfriend before I got a new boyfriend and I know I shouldn't be because maybe its not a great relationship, but also I'm pissed because now that a girl is into him, I'm thinking that maybe he is a good guy to be with. Unless of course she realizes sooner or later, but then again I feel like the only reason I kept going out with him was because I felt desperate for a boyfriend at the time and I just settled, so I'm thinking why would a girl continue to go out with him even after the 1st or 2nd date, for the same reason settling? I feel like I could have had a better first boyfriend. I don't think I was ever really into him at all to be honest, I was into being in a relationship.


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  • 1. Be confident of yourself

    2. Know yourself

    3. Understand yourself

    4. Realize logic

    Do the above and you will realize that what you feel is pure selfishness and ego ;)

    Please don't take it as a jab or insult, I live my life that way which is why I believe firmly in 'there is no past tense in loving someone. . . It's either you always will or you never did . . '

    And if you didn't love him i.e. you guys were trying if things work out, then what's the fun in indulging in jealousy, getting mad etc? Go on with your own life which way you'll find someone more compatible, worthy etc and live a life and if you stick along the lines you are currently, you may never know happiness, contentment and satisfaction :)

    Think with your head not heart :)


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  • I think he has no interests in you and already moved on. So should you. Good luck to you.

    If you liked my answer or if I could be of any help, please vote me as BA. :) Thank you! Merry Chrismas to all of you. :)

  • Of course this is gonna happen when your at home sitting on your computer looking at his Facebook profile. You need to keep your mind busy and keep moving just as he is. Don't get caught up in thinking about what he's doing, or who's he seeing because your mind is just going to play tricks on you. Spend time hanging with friends, meeting new people, learning about yourself. Maybe his is the right guy for you, maybe he isn't. But for now, he is with someone else. So keep it moving and explore the world.


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  • If you're hot, you'll be able to get over it faster than the average ugly-looking woman. Trust me, I've been living in the world of being beautiful for 18 years ;) I've never been ugly or average for even once in my entire life!

    • Oops I meant to say 16 years old.

  • Move on with your life and stop being so concerned about his


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