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My guy friend Eric and I used to work together till he got fired. Well he and I remained friends and a lot of things things happened between that time. My boyfriend and I broke up and I was honest with Eric about that and he told me about his baby's mother moving out of state and taking their newborn baby with her and how that's impacted him. While we worked together he would flirt with me but would flirt with other women also. When he stopped working there he and I still hung out and we have done sexual things but we have not had sex yet. I have met his mom and dad and his brother and his family already. I haven't been back to his brother's house or his moms house for awhile. He and I hang out like once a week to catch up. He has not found a job yet and it's been over 2 months. I have strong feelings for him and I asked once you land a job and get back on your feet would you consider dating me? I also said I'm not pushing for anything right now though (because he can't afford to take me out) but I was thinking I didn't tell him that. And he said "I just don't know honestly". And I said well only time will tell and he said "That it will". I don't know where I stand and I have my options open I am not waiting for the guy but I like him a lot. I'm confused.


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  • he sounds similar to a jerk I know at my school. he likes girls in general. flirts with them, does pretty much anything with them, and then gets them to fall for him. I would say to stray away. find somebody else who flirts with, and pays attention to only you. and someone who would want to date you. obviously if he says only time will tell, he's not sure, which may mean he's just trying not to break your heart, or he's deciding between you and someone else. I feel like if he truly wanted you, he'd be the type of guy to go for it. sorry to say this, and I know I'm not as old as you, but I say he's not worth the time. don't let him break your heart when you could have so much better. good luck! and don't make it seem like he could have you no matter what, don't make yourself seem desperate because then he'll take you for granted. let's face it, guys want what they can't have.


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