My ex keeps texting me what does he want?

Hey I recently posted another question... Link gives background.

Short version- 2.5 year relationship. I'm a couple of years older. I've identified where I went wrong in the relationship and external factors that effected it. Me and exboyfriend broke up on PM on fb and via txt. I wrote letter he dumped again via txt... Never had the chat.

Now he is texting me. Whenever I post on fb he will txt me. I've been emotionally switched off very short answers I've not contacted him... But it's silly. I'm 31 and his experience of long term girlfriend is limited. I'm also older. I've hurt him... But he's really being silly with the way he trying to communicate with me. It will be about things he's left... Things I'm doing.. I don't understand his logic... I'm sorting myself out for me and having my time...I just don't understand what he wants.

Please read click on me to see my other question for background


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  • Sounds like you want him back - all this anaylzing and whatnot, if you didn't care about him you wouldn't be over thinking ig...i think you should go find him now.

    • Yeah I do... But I don't know how to approach him about talking because right now he hasn't made the time to talk. I'll txt him after I've visited his sister and on Christmas Day to wish him a good one.

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    • I'm seeing his sister tomorrow. He's been pretty nice on the texts I feel like I've rejected him the same way he did me when we had the fight. You know girls deal with emotion first and process it a little quicker and then guys do it a little slower. Unfortunately we are at other ends of the country for Christmas. So getting to see him is not possible at the moment. Not until after Christmas

    • mmm, id go with the no text then, let his sister tell him she saw you, and then when your in the same town go for the text leading to hookup

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