I still miss my ex girlfriend....

Two years have passed and I am still in this weird mood train.To be fair after the break up,she didn't let me move on,she wasn't sure either.The real break up happened a few months ago.I think its insane,for almost two years we were arguing with each other,many breaks but still we were talking.The last seven months I am trying to move on,which we aren't talking,but the dreams and all the memories aren't going away.We werent together for long,only for eight months,so the rule about the get over period is far gone.

Christmass are coming and I feel even more desperate if I can say that,i want to get over this emotional hell and feel well again.Going out with friends,isnt helping either,i feel down and I don't want to be an obstacle all the time.

Sorry for the long and depressing post,but I think someone might have similar experience and he/she would like to give some tips.
I want to thank you all for your great answers.U made my day and you gave me hope,its uplifting to know that people have had the same situations and got over them.(Its obvious that it is happening but it makes a HUGE difference to have it as a thought in the back of your mind and having people share their experiences!)So I really want to wish you the best in the future from the bottom of my heart! :)


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  • It takes a while for some people to completely get over their exes. Especially if you've spent a lot of time with them and bonded with them closely. The holidays often compound loneliness and makes it even worse for those who are single and don't want to be. I'm feeling really lonely right now because of the season and to compound that a close friend of mine started dating my sister, leaving me to feel even worse about being single.

    Don't worry about how long it's taken you to get over it or the fact that you still think of your ex and miss her. Some people will always have a special place in their heart for their exes and have feelings for them. The feelings can be there even if it is ever-so-small. As long as you're making progress and taking opportunities to meet and get to know new people, it's okay.

    • Yea you are right,we had a pretty strong bond,many things happened while we were together and bring people closer,doesn't it?Yea probably you are right.She will be always in my heart! :)

      I hope that you will feel better too!U seem to be in a similar emotional dead end so I will wish merry x-mass from the bottom of my heart and keep moving on :)

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  • I just went through a really tough break up too. I am still struggling with it a lot because I was so close with the person I was dating and we had such a long, complex history together. I think that these kinds of break ups are hard because when you are with someone for so long, they become a huge part of who you are. When they are gone, you break down because such a huge influence in your life just disappears. This is the hardest part because now, you have to figure out how to put yourself back together again and build yourself back up. I am still working on this a lot, and it takes time. Right now what is important is to do what makes YOU happy. Do things that will benefit your future. Once you start focusing more on you, these thoughts will start to go away and you will see that you are okay on your own. It might be hard, but we can both get through this:)

    • Hehe,thank you for your answer!It was amazing as all the others.And yea your story seems pretty similar to mine,complex history...Trying to make ME happy,seems stupid but I can't find anything atm :P And as you said,it takes time and its difficult.I will follow your advice and yea I have to focus on my future(finish uni) and I hope in the process the dark clouds(thoughts) will just go away!And yea we WILL make it through!Thanks :) I will wish you merry x-mass and keep trying :) Good luck and stay strong! :D

  • This doesn't sound healthy. You need to move on.


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  • Dude, these things are common. Christmas time doesn't make it any better.

    I broke up with the girl I was dating for 6 years. It took 3 years to come out of my shell and date another person, because I was always wondering if I made the right choice.

    But when I made that step and went on my first date after the breakup, the clouds parted and the sun was shining again. However, I still wonder sometimes (it's been 9 years since now and she's married + kids, and I am engaged). The wondering will never leave your mind, because it's a loose end in your life, without closure. However, there could be worse things to worry about.

    Give it some time, and when you're ready, try going out for a few dates. There's more than one fish on this planet.

    • Yea I feel that way,i am never sure that I will make the right choice.And I had a few good opportunities to date some wonderful girls,but the doubt and the what if always stopped me!So even though you have someone else,9 years passed and you still wonder about it,i feel the same way.But we can't get stuck in the past,u moved on and I am really happy for u,i think that there is hope for me as well then :) I guess that my time hasn't come yet or just my confidence!Merry x-mass and good luck!Thanks :)

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