I pushed him away... can I still get him back? how do I get him back?

My Boyfriend and I had been together for over 2 years - we are the couple that everyone envied and made people sick with how in love we were. We travel a lot.. what we'll name our kids and where we want to live when we settle down...basically, we had it all and wanted a future together... over a year ago, I was getting texts from fake numbers I was often accusing him of cheatin I was always assumingg. I started questioning him and doubting him, I was mean and some times I tried to walk all over my Boyfriend but I also wanted attention and love he would tell me you don't have to tell me you love all the time he wouldn't let take care of him he would be mad if I tried cleaning around he's house.. I, never cheated or anything like that, but I was clingy always wanting to be around him but I hurt him and put him through hell. He stood by me and waited for things to get better...About 2 months ago, he left me. He couldn't take it anymore, he said I didn't appreciate him and he didn't believe that we were meant to be. He believes he is not the guy for me and I will see that eventually... BUT the opposite is true!after him telling me he needs space I have gone absolutely crazy trying to get him back for the past 7 weeks and he won't budge.. Last night I had a friend Drop off some gifts for he's daughter at he's house after 2 weeks ago he said not to do it and it made things worst. He called me saying to let him go. That he will never give us another chance.

He text me this too (1/2) that's always your fucking problem. You always try instead of always LISTEN. So all I want you to do is leave me alone & respect my space. Something you have never done even after we broke up. Let it go. Let me go. You're getting on my nerves with this shit. Don't make me hate you. I don't even want to be your friend. I rather be single than giving us a try. Bye.

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(1/2) You'll never change. Stuck in your ways. Always gotta get the last word, always gotta be right. Not anymore. I don't hate you. But I'm not going to deal with the stress you bring me anymore. Thank you for everything youve done for me & my child. But we're better off apart. I'm praying for your family. Goodbye.

I know I should move on but I'm in love with him and I never gave him space. I'm not sure but I feel he's moved on to better


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  • Ouch. I'm sure you're figuring this out, but you have very effectively killed your relationship. First of all, accusing someone of cheating, especially repeatedly, means you don't trust them. If you don't trust your partner, the relationship will fail. Another thing, is that someone can only say I'm sorry, and the other person can only say I forgive you, for the same offense so many times before it's obvious that the words I'm sorry don't mean anything to the offender, and the forgiver's heart turns cold. After being disapointed so many times, for the same problem, your heart must protect itself and eventually it literally will not allow you to care for that person as it should in a loving relationship.

    All a man wants is to be able to take care of his woman, and keep her happy. When you are upset and accusatory toward him, more than you show how happy you are to have him, he'll start to feel like he can't make you happy. If he can't make you happy, then he isn't going to be happy.

    THEN, when he FINALLY reaches his breaking point (after giving you a lot of time and many chances to correct your behavior) he leaves you. Instead of giving him room, you do the complete opposite. Not once, not twice, but for 7 weeks! Which proves to him that you are simply continuing with your destructive behaviors, having not learned anything from him leaving you. That right there, reinforces in his head, that being with you is not what he wants.

    I think it's safe to say you two will not be reconciling. At this point I would tell you to truly let him go, leave him be. He's hurting too and your actions are not helping him move on either. Think about how much you care for him, and let that be the reason you can be strong and let him move on, it is the best thing for him. As much as YOU want to be the best thing for him, you aren't.

    Take some time to think about the mistakes made, and repurpose yourself to improving yourself and your life. Hopefully the next time you are in a relationship, you can make the changes necessary to make this a successul one.

    • That about sums it up. Men would rather know they are trusted and respected than loved.

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