Is waiting the only thing I can do in this situation?

About a month ago my boyfriend of 10 months confronted me and said he wanted to have some space for a while and be friends due to school and family stress, plus the fact he had no time for me because of It all and felt it was unfair to me. (He's 45 minutes away at college). He tells me that he still loves me and his feelings haven't changed, but he just wants to be single for a while, and we can possibly get back together later on. Since then we've still been talking off and on, he's made an excuse to see me once when I was up at his campus, and he told me he wants to see me this winter during his break if his parents allow him to go. (His parents keep him under a tight leash).

I really want to be with him and I love him dearly, even if he has no time for me. And from when I saw him and from things that he told me, I can tell he still loves me. Is waiting for him until we can be together again the only thing I can do in this situation?


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  • Well by the sound of's like you guys are still together, just without the "official couple" part of things...and from reading the comments below, it sounds like he's not capable of controlling his actions properly and give priorities to the wrong things. Like when he's failing his classes to give you more attention. Neglecting himself for you. That's not an issue with being a couple, that's an issue with himself. Because he'll always be busy in life, so what's he going to do later on? He'll be destined to be forever alone if he keeps the mindset he has now.'s all bullshit and he just wants to fuck around a bit AND keep you as well.

    I say, you're single, talk to other guys who actually want to be with you through the good AND the bad.


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  • Don't have sex with him.

    If you withhold and you wait, he will come back if he really wants you. If he doesn't then he isn't worth it and you need to find someone else. My boyfriend of two years moved three hours away for work. And he is stressed at all get out. So, pretty sure your boyfriend needs to grow up.

    My opinion is he is 45 minutes away.. which isn't that far at all. He is at college, and away from you. He wants to have fun and explore his sexuality with people that aren't you.

    • Sex had nothing to do with it. We are both virgins. It has to do with stress that he asked to be friends. Yes, he does need to grow to but we all do, he's 18 and is just now getting freedom from his parents. And it's only because he's away at college. I know for a fact he isn't fooling around with anyone else. And I know he's worth the wait.

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    • He needs space because he has a bit of a one track mind. If he's in a relationship, he forgets about other things. So his grades were lacking because he worried about finding time for me instead of working on his school work. He asked for space because it piled up and he worried about failing and needed space to get it done so he didn't have to worry about making time for me.

    • I don't know. In my experience, men are bullshitters like that. But good luck.

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