Is he still cheating or?

So I recently caught my boyfriend cheating on me, we went through the arguments, the break up, and what not. He asked me to get back with him not too long ago. He gave me his passwords to EVERYTHING. He let's me check up on his phone whenever I want. But its just something that won't allow me to trust him. Is it just the grudge or what? Because I just think that when I check his text messages he might have deleted the other ones or something. But I don't know because in his accounts he talks to no girls. What should I do? Help me please


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  • He is a loser. Why did you stay with him? You are young and can start over easily with a real man who can keep his penis in his pants. You won't trust him because he is not trustworthy. You can forget the visual memories of him having sex with another woman. Out of love I recommend that you go to therapy to figure out what makes you lose your self worth to the point that you will take back a loser YOU CAUGHT cheating on you and live each day not knowing if you can trust him as oppose to another man who has no baggage and won't hurt you. He will probably cheat again since you chose to stay with him the first time he did it. Having passwords is nothing! He can easily have another phone, account and profile you know nothing about. Sorry get rid of him NOW. It may be hard at first but after a few months you will notice a change in your happiness. You will start to feel better about yourself. It is not until months later that we realize how miserable we allowed men to make us. Drop him. You DESERVE BETTER. He is a loser and will NEVER CHANGE. Seek PROFESSIONAL help. Love yourself.


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  • Man all I can say is move on. That shit is too much to deal with and you're just going to develop bad habits. He fucked up with you, he didn't and DOESN'T respect you and who you are much less himself.

    Regardless, good luck!

  • LOL you silly silly girl. WHAT are you doing with someone that would cheat on you? Do you really hate yourself THAT much? FOOLISH


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