Getting over the love of my life

Alright so me and this guy have a really long story. Basically, we fought really hard to be together for a year and a half. Finally, we started dating. He was a great boyfriend most of the time. Nobody is perfect, but he was pretty close at the time. Then, he decided to go to the same college that I had already committed to. He chose his room a floor above mine so we could be close. We originally were in a long distance relationship and he said he was looking forward to college so that we could finally be together every day. A few weeks into classes, he asked for a break. About a month or so later, we started hooking up again. We hooked up on and off for a while and he made me think we had a chance together. Recently, I found out he has been sleeping around and lying to me about it. I don't really care that he slept with other girls, but I am so beyond mad that he lied to my face about it multiple times. At the same time, I want him back and I can't get the thoughts and memories out of my head even though I completely stopped talking to him. I have no idea what to do or how to make it stop.. Any suggestions?


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  • It sounds like he doesn't know what he wants. Long distance sounds like it was easy for him because he could have his cake and eat it too, but now that you're physically close, it got all too real for him. My advice is to stop hooking up with him, and refuse to give him any emotional or physical support until he decides what it is he wants and whether he wants to be exclusive or not. Don't settle for a non-exclusive relationship when that's what you want, just to satisfy him and "keep him" because if he's worth it, all he'll want is you.

    People are very different IRL than what they are at a distance so please, reevaluate.


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  • Find a new guy

  • stay away from him! stay strong! I'm going through kinda the same thing myself. not the cheating part. but my guy was/is emotionally abusive. I decided yesterday to stop talking to him for good. because my friend witnessed it for the first time and id be embarrassed and feel very weak if I kept talking to him. I don't know why it took another person to see it for me to be fed up with it. but anway. you can do it. and everyday it would get better and better and easier and easier to stay away.


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