Realize ex used me financially, didn't care - angry...

I realized my ex didn't really love me he just used me for his financial gain. He didn't have a lot of money when we dated so I bought everything for us in terms of entertainment and also bought him designer clothing names.. I am OK off but this money would be very nice to have back. I spent a few thousand on him and realized he faked love and telling me I was the one and perfect girl for him so he'd buy me it. I'm hurt as he was a foreign exchange student I did long distance with (both 22 so decently old) and now he studied abroad again and is doing the same thing...with a new girl.. using her.. only she gets to be seen on his Facebook - no signs of me and him ever on HIS Facebook - he said it was too "private" our relationship and I accepted this.

I'm angry to be deceived and bitter towards him and men - and this user won't even be my friend as promised... help me? I'm hurting bad


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  • You learned a lesson, now move on.

  • Wooooow what a gold digging peasent.

    Take this as good exprience. Never allow yourself to be used by a man. If ay huge amounts of money was seriously used I would send this to court.


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