I can't seem to get over my ex!!

So five months ago me and my boyfriend of only THREE MONTHS (almost four) broke up I cried so hard I had a small panic attack I know I kind of sound crazy cause it was only three months but I've never felt that way before.since then we fight a lot and I now we haven't talked in like 2 months I have a new boyfriend now and I treat him so poorly because I'm missing my ex..how do I get over him? help please
we broke up because his parents didn't like that he was dating someone that was not in his religion


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  • i went through similar feelings after a break up recently and never really got over her yet . its tough it takes time to move on but at least your seeing other people so that is a start and should help . there is no set time limit to get over an ex


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  • What religion are you anyway?

    • romany gypsy

    • The gypsy people are an ethnic group not a religion right? what's your gods none or do you even have one? may be your ex left you because of religious reasons any it can be pretty tough getting over an ex lover but I'm sure you will recover from it soon enough and move on

  • The fact that you went ahead and got a new boyfriend just gives him the idea that he never was anything special to you and confirms the break-up even more.

    I don't think that religion is the case here, you fight for love no matter what is in the way, real love don't end because of some religion issue, if two people really love each other they stick together if they want to.

    • No his parents like made him dump me they threatened to kick him out of the house if he didn't I did care about him.

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