Ex girlfriend from year ago, Christmas greetings, ended with silence and we've kept it.could use clear head to

She ended the relationship ~a year ago. Gave no explanation. Just said please leave. So I did. I was unable to make wise decisions, so I did, asking if maybe I could sleep in our place one more night before I move out, but in the middle of the night I still left saying goodbye my love. We lived together for 3 months and got stressed because of unemployment and lack of money. She saw that it was hard for us to be together. So did I. Things have changed for the better for both of us. I really don't know anything about her life now. Just the few things that a coworker of mine(mutual friend from relationship) has told me. She has been single for like 6 months now. She thinks I do have a girlfriend. Coworker said that one time and never said to coworker that it broke off.

But the question is in the air. I have the opportunity to plant a Christmas wishing card and a trademark (well a thing she knows is mine) handcrafted pretty item which she used to recieve from me occasionally in her mailbox. (it doesn't cost a dime). In my head it seems like a good idea, then on other instance its suddenly whoa dude what if she lets someone call you and accuses of stuff etc. But srly no communication since BU other than few (like 3 attempts to contact by me - she did not respond at all). I have had new eyecatchers but I'm not wanting to let go of this particular ex. I really miss her, but I'm afraid of her negative response. (nor do I want to mess with her head to make her feel sad or smt. It's still Christmas everyone who are alone are thinking of exes they were their last one together so I need advice from neutral point, thanks in advance.) The thing is, she won't see me in person when planting that card and item. So I'm afraid all this is creepy and bad. Yet seems so right to do.


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  • Don't do it. I understand your feelings but its an exceptionally bad idea. As a girl leaving anything in person, especially a gift says volumes. Even if she hadn't ignored contact before I would say leave nothing in person. In some cases merry Christmas by text might be OK but in this case I wouldn't even do that. I had someone I was seeing come by and leave stuff in my letterbox after I'd told him not to contact me (too long a story for here) and had not answered messages and stuff. I did not find it nice I found it very creepy and I was really angry. It's a nice thought but on her side she's probably thinking what do I have to do to get through to this guy. It may not be your fault but how hurt would you be if you did and she flipped out/shredded your card/yelled at you etc. please please don't do it. If you already have it sitting there try giving it to someone else, even a stranger, (obviously I don't know what it is) and make someone's day

    • Thank you very much, I knew if I get some help from a clear mind it will make more sense whether I should or not. I just find it sad that I've lost a great person from my life and the breakup reason was bad time of starting a relationship. I will not do anything. I guess I'll give this to a girl next door as she has been wonderful to me the whole year I have been in this new town. This item does not show affection it's just sweet sort of item.

    • Good on you! You might be sad (been there!) but how nice would it be to make someone's day with a gesture they're not expecting! I'm sorry you're probably hurting but I'm glad you're not going to make it worse for yourself. Have a merry Christmas and all the best for the new year!

    • I don't know. I think that Christmas is that one time of year where you can do something completely unexpected. (Not that this is unexpected). I often sent long lost friends and family members Christmas cards with the message ' thinking of you and your family during the holiday season. May the new year bring you peace, good health and happiness'. Short, sweet and simple. Last year a couple of weeks before Christmas I help a man on the side of the road. I had to go to a near house for help. A man came and helped. I sent him a Christmas decoration for his tree, with a note saying that the world would be a better place with more helpers like him. He saw me in the shopping centre months later, and thanked me. Small gestures are really nice!!!

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  • You needed a proper closure...however...it is time to shelf that relationship and look on getting your mind right for your next relationship.


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