Witnessing verbal and emotional abuse in home, can anyone give advice or share past experience?

I am sure someone has been in that situation where you are living with your parents and they are married and unhappy. Regular bickering is bad, but here there is emotional and verbal abuse going on, and it hurts me so much.

My dad is extremely controlling and narcissistic. He said a mean thing about my mom's family for no good reason. Then my mom says he upset her he turns it around in her face and says terrible mean things to her and turns it all around on her! And I witness the entire thing and I KNOW she did not do anything wrong. He talks so mean to her and never shows her any love. This is a regular occurrence. If she ever tries to defend herself, he breaks her down to pieces. I've seen it countless times in my life.

I hear this and it really breaks my heart because he treats her so awful and I have dated bad guys too but I went to therapy to deal with these issues. I have accepted it and I have confidence that because I dealt with these problems I will find a respectful man one day. But I resent him and feel bad for her and miserable in my own home.

I don't see how divorce is worse than this for children. Seeing verbal abuse just makes me feel like someone put a knife in my heart. I've been a victim of it too..but at least I have the solace of knowing this is not the man I am married to and have children with.

Any advice/ anyone ever been through this?


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  • your dad is possessed.. you think I am playing or joking because you were tought different but I actually believe in it let me explain the devil tries to break up ties in anything that has to do with family lets face who takes care of us when something goes wrong family and friends. the devil .tries to break every relationship in the world so be carefull your dad is not sick he is possessed/


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  • You need to do what's best for YOU. You are over 18, you need to leave this situation and find the strength to move on.

    Learn from the mistakes of others and rise above your past.


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