Is it horrible to wish your parents were divorced?

My dad is mentally/emotionally/verbally abusive to my siblings and my mom. He really treats my mom like crap. They are a terrible model for my siblings and I, I view them as "the relationship I never would want."

Unfortunately my dad was raised with conservative value and he looks down upon divorced families. Honestly I think divorce is better than what I see in my own home. It is completely miserable, we are all walking on egg shells around him and my siblings and I withdraw from him. There is always tension and unhappiness and we all want to leave.

My mom is very weak and powerless to him-and she's been with him so long, always rationalizing. She even admits many women would not have stayed with him. And he treats her awful. To hell if a man ever did that to me! I feel so bad for her. I think she just never had the courage or power to leave him, after all it has been a long time, but he was always control freak and she put up with it.

I wish they would divorce. I wouldn't say this to them because it is not my business, but I see so much misery and abuse going on, I think it is more unhealthy for the family, and it isn't like they are happy together at all.

Is this a horrible thing to wish? I don't think they will divorce..but I don't know. I will not be home that much longer as I am finishing school but I also worry what will happen to my mom when her children are grown.


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  • Yeah I hear ya. Though it was kind of the inverse in my home with my mum being a psycho bitch. Eventually (Just in the last couple years) my dad divorced her and they get along a million times better. I remember saying to my sister when I was about eight years old "man, if he was smart he'd divorce that bitch", and there we have it.

    I don't figure you're a bad person for wanting it to happen, but that doesn't mean it's going to.


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  • No it isn't, but it isn't your life. You should move out as soon as possible and keep what happened in mind for your future.

    The other option is to get with your sibblings and beat the crap out of him. That could work too.

    • yeah tht is why I would not tell my parents I wish that.

  • I wanted my parents to get divorced. My dad was verbally abusive and a horrible father figure. Nothing wrong with wishing for a divorce. Your mom will probably be a lot happier if she divorces him.


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