Why won't she text me back

This girl and I are very very good friends.we text / snapchat each other every day. About two days ago I asked her out on a date/dinner, it went well we were a little quiet but you know it was a first time we had actually gotten together and did something. afterward it was great, we drive around a little then I took her home and we both said bye, see ya later etc. Well it has been two days, and she won't replie to any snapchat or text, but it says she opens them. It kinda frustrates me, because I don't know what I did too cause this? I guess that would be my main question is why and what would cause this?
I forgot to make this clear , before the date we both made it clear that we were going just as friends. That was what I was wanting anyway I wasn't looking for an intimate relationship,


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  • Maybe she want's to go steady. Sometimes a girl will say she'll go on a "date" as friends because she doesn't want to take the initiative... Also give her some space... I mean it's nice to text and snap chat her.. but don't do it a lot... giver her some space. Maybe she needs time to think about your "date" :) hope I helped! xoxo <3


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  • Perhaps the date didn't go as well as you thought it did, maybe you're being too clingy or texting/snapchatting her too much and since you went on a date, it feels suffocating. She might be unsure of whether she sees you as more than a friend after your date so she's thinking about it/doesn't want to lead you on.

    Give her a few days to breathe- don't snap or text her. See what happens. If she doesn't message or snap you, maybe tell her you had a lot of fun last time and you'd like to take her out again. From there you can judge her interest in taking things further.

    • Look back at my question please I modified it

    • Maybe she felt like you were trying to pursue her or take it a step more than friends, even though you stated it was just as friends. She's probably just taking time to process. It could be she doesn't know how to respond because maybe she has feelings that are romantic, but if that were the case, I would think she would message you back and such. It is Christmas time though, and if she celebrates, she may just be busy.

  • Maybe she's just busy


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  • You were very good friends. I think she is now thinking about how to turn you down without hurting you and losing your friendship.

    Prepare yourself for more silence (if she can't find the courage to tell you something like "I only like you as a friend").

    Stop contacting her anyway, until she gets back in touch with you. It looks needy and clingy.


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