What would you think if your boyfriend's ex talks to you but ignores her ex?

So I went with my boyfriend to his ex's house and she ignored him. He still talks to her family as friends. He was trying to talk to her but she ignored him the whole time. She was nice to me and responded back when I would talk to her. If you noticed that your boyfriend's ex ignored him but only spoke to you what would you think? Shouldn't it be the other way around since she shouldn't like me but is nice to me instead of him.? By the way she broke up with him after a 4 year relationship. What do you think would be happening?


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  • lol why are you at the exs house... first off she obviously has some feeling toward him still, and I wouldn't take her niceness towards you s real she is just trying to get back at him by doing this I wouldn't even be nice to the girl. And why is she still hanging on to his family 4 years seems long but it really isnt. It wouldn't be OK with me. I would just watch my back and my man. Don't be friends with her its just a trap a game she is playing.

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    • Yes when people cheat it doesn't mean that the love switch is turned off. What happens is that the relationship goes go to respect or disrespect.

    • i understand allll that I'm just giving you my opinion that why this question was posted right?...and you are not always going to hear a answer that you may like I think its dumb that you are being cool with her when right in front of your face a game is being played sorry just being truthful.

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