Why does my boyfriend ex co worker get mad when he deleted her from Facebook?

My boyfriend said he was just being nice to Harwell she looked him up on face book sent him a request well she kept liking all his post back in January she would send him messages .Just work stuff well he liked her picks all the time she put pretty revealing picks on there well I asked him why she looked him up he said he didn't know well she kept telling him like why are you with a older woman don't you want kids well when I told him to tell her to stop he did asked how did she take it .He said great well she started posting if your with a insecure woman then you shouldn't be with her. There is no reason why an man and a woman can't be friends after all that drama my boyfriend felt bad so he came to my job one day with a necklace saying how much he loved mend that I had his Hartwell recently he deleted Hershey went crazy she was like why you delete me. Please friend me again why doesn't year girlfriend want us to be friends it because you dated a black girl before and she is jealous see I am white and my boyfriend is white am 45 he is 28.Well she is now messaging him day and night giving him relationship advice saying don't you want kids she wants to bring him sweets to his job. he friended her again.omg.i really don't think he was trying to be nice to her.i think he was flirting with her.he just won't admit it.she keeps coming.wow.what to do ?


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  • I could not understand or follow that at all...

    • well my boyfriends female co worker looked him up on fb.see she doesn't work there no more.but when my boyfriend deleted her.she went crazy.she likes every post he has.i trying to figure out where this is going.what made her like him so much.Like I feel her led her on.what do you think.

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