I'm beyond confused.

I broke up with my ex after 4 years of being together. I broke up with him because he cheated on me twice. This was the last time and I ended it. Now everyone including my family still likes him and talks to him. What am I missing here? I haven't worked for one year after I got laid off. He had told me to just get anything. I told him I couldn't because I was planning on going to school. He didn't really mind that time I wasn't working. He would tell me that he wanted children and get married. Even his mom kept trying to tell me to tie the knot. Anyways the deal is that I found out about the cheating this year. He was broken-hearted for some months and everyone heard about it. We had this big family that we hung out with which has a lot of people our age. The break up went back to his guy friends and they all keep secrets in between each other. I really feel their wives know about their doings too. If you ask them though they tell you they don't condone cheating. That if anyone knew about their husband they would want to know. Yet now they know what happened to me and they don't back me up. They side with their husbands and would rather keep everything quiet.

Now he has a new girlfriend. I know that he wasn't good for me yet they will never tell this woman the way this guy is. I am glad being single and wouldn't change it. Yet this makes me look at relationships in a different view. Everyone is all happy for them and now I just am getting second thoughts. By doing the right thing I feel I should probably just have dealt with him since everything seems normal. Since everyone is all happy in their cheating ways. I am just baffled. Is it that I'm surrounded by cheaters and cheater enablers. Where even if I speak up about it they see no problem with it. My family literally told me that he was a great guy and that everyone has defects. To let it be unless it was physical abuse. I am left to stand up for myself and if I say something I am seeing as an outsider.


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  • It's sad, but modern-day western culture is a culture of liars and enablers, a world filled with people who lie so much they even lie to convince themselves they're not doing anything wrong. 'Everyone has defects' is a pathetic excuse. It pertains to annoying habits and the like, not cheating.

    Be glad you have some standards, and look for those who have them too. Friends like that ar important.

  • fuck cheaters, you did the right thing. Stand for what YOU believe in. Go for what YOU want. Don't let what everybody else does/thinks influence you. You're not living your life to make THEM happy. If they still like him, good for them, but you, you should move on.


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