Why is my ex boyfriend contacting me?

My ex left me 8 months ago. he immediately started seeing someone else. We were together 8 yrs

As far as I know they are still together. He broke no contact last month first by texting my sister to find me(changed my #). then before Thanksgiving by emailing me. He said he had a nightmare about me and wanted to make sure that I was okay so that he could sleep.

I responded a few days later stupid I know. He responded asking me how I'm doing, a few inside jokes & that was it. I got extremely confused & upset so I turned off my mail entirely.

Fast forward to this month.: today I had to turn my mail back on for business.My ex emailed me 4 times Wednesday at 430am. I did not see them till just now. (he's a musician) he emailed me 4 of his new songs with his new band. Each email had one song & why I would like it. The last one said hope all is well merry Christmas! ..?what does he want? I can't be friends.This is my first Christmas without him in 9 yrs. still haven't responded Back to him.


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  • Ask yourself what you want.

    • Well I love him. I'm not the one who broke off the relationship. Just wondering what his deal is & if I should bother talking to him.

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    • Yes you are right, but whatever you choose to do make sure it's something that feels right to you.

      Depending on what he wrote in the e-mail you can still respond, but after that you will notice if he has a real interest or not.

      At the end of the day it's really up to you to choose what type of relationship you want with him, do you want to be on good terms or not..etc.

    • Well I emailed him back very early this morning. Just a basic thanks for the songs hope you had a good Xmas. Literally about 4 minutes later he responded. Just a generic response hope you had an awesome Christmas!

      So I'm not sure, it dosnt seem he's interested or wants to talk. I'm getting more of a he's just trying to feel less guilty vibe . If he emails me again I will then ask him what his intentions are. Until then I'm not going out of my way to speak to him.

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  • He has feelings for you, but it's important for you to not let your guard down


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  • he still has feelings for you

  • Sounds like he wants to keep you around. I'd move on.

  • maybe he still likes you ro wants a friendship.

    i wouldn't respond


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