Non-relationship relationship or LDR or just hook up or what?

We chat for some month then we meet in person. And then we spent every weekend together. I met his colleague, close friends, his family and even his ex-gf. During we stay together he told me doesn't want to have relationship. And now I move to other country already hald year. He is now flirting with another girl but keep chating with me everyday. (He told me he likes me so much even when we are apart.)

Ps. I'm happy with my life and independent also attractive and not a drama type


what he is actually consider on me?

Shall I keep contact as friend as he want?(he knows how I feel and it hurt when I know he is flirting with another girl but he not let me go)

What shall I do? (I'm OK for waiting him but I also don't want to let him get used to the friend zone; in the same time I will not wait for dead en)

Thank you for every commens, every ideas


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  • I think you need to pursue other relationships . This one is not gonna work.

  • i don't think LDR relationships work well. Ig anything I think its jsut a hook up


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